Unbreakable friendship of Pakistan and Iran basis on bilateral tolerance, Sheri Rehman

Shiite News: The Chairperson of the Standing Committee for foreign affairs, Senator Sheri Rehman said that Pakistan and Iran maintain an unbreakable friendship basis on bilateral tolerance. She expressed such views while meeting with a delegation of the Pakistan Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group headed by Ahmed Ameerabadi Farhani along with Mohsin Pir Hadi, Ismail Hussain Zaidi, Elham Azad, and Malik Fiasali.

Iranian delegation discussed bilateral affairs of both countries with the Pakistan Senator. On this occasion, Sheri Rehman said that Pakistan is proud of its strong diplomatic and cultural ties with Iran. She added that Pakistan People’s Party’s Government started the Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari. Both the countries enjoy evergreen bilateral friendships based on their admirable tolerance. She expressed her warm wishes for the Iranian people and urged the need for more bilateral exchange of high delegation between two countries. She also said that enhancement in bilateral trade will further strengthen the friendly ties between Pakistan and Iran.


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