Sipah-e-Sahaba killed the Message of Pakistan’s narrative in Islamabad

Shiite News: Suadi Funded banned terrorist group Sipah-e-Sahaba has trampled the narrative of the message of Pakistan in the federal capital, Islamabad by holding hate spreading protests against Shia school of thoughts with a moto to transfer the Islamic Republic Pakistan into a takfiri sectarian state. During these protests, they also falsely accused Shia Scholar Allama Shahanshah Naqvi of Blasphemy of Holy Companions of Prophet Muhammad PEBU despite his all efforts for the unity of Islam.

According to details, after failing to impose a ban on Shia Scholar, the so-called Sunni Action Committee Islamabad held a protest against Karachi Company. On this occasion participants of protest were marching against Karachi Company carrying placards and enchanting nefarious slogans on inviting Allama Shahanshah Naqvi to address the 5 Majalis-e-Aza in Islamabad. Unfortunately, this protest was provided security by the Islamabad Police and law enforcement agencies.

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