Attack on replica of Alam-e-Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Shikarpur

Shiite News: Takfeeri miscreants at Dargah Haji Latif Shah in Shikarpur, Sindh attacked on Alam-e-Hazrat-e-Abbas (AS) and fires were also opened on mourners.

According to details on 5th Muharram Al Haram Takfeeri and Nasibi terrorists named Lutfullah Qadri, Fazalullah Qadri and Habibullah Qadri attacked on Dargha Haji Latif Shah.

Eye witnesses said that hooligans threw stones on Alam-e-Hazrat-e-Abbas (AS) and opened fires on momineens which spread fear among the local residents of the area.

Video of this incidence is being viral rapidly on social media which is sufficient to identify accused of the attack while mourners demanded law enforcement agencies to arrest attackers without wasting time.

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