54 terrorism-related cases selected for proposed military courts

The government of Balochistan has selected 54 terrorism-related cases for trial by military courts to be set up under the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan that was approved by two-thirds majority of parliamentarians. Many Shia Muslims have been martyred in the Balochistan province from its capital Quetta to border town Taftan on Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan province. Some were kidnapped and slaughtered and filmed.


The cases were finalised at a high-level meeting of security officials. Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani told a senior journalist of Quetta that of the 54 cases selected, 19 related to the banned (Deobandi takfiri Tehreek-i-Taliban Afghanistan, 18 to Deobandi takfiri Lashkar-i-Jhangvi.

In what appeared to balance and punish the Shia victims of Deobandi takfiri terrorism, 17 cased were registered against banned Sipah-i-Muhammad whose chief was put behind the bars for 18 long years without a single conviction from any Court of Law in Pakistan.

The provincial apex committee, which is responsible for implementation of the National Action Programme against terrorism, will forward the cases to the federal government for a final decision.

Balochistan IG Mohammad Amlish Khan disclosed to the senior journalist, the bureau chief of Karachi-based an english newspaper that 168 accused had been nominated in the 54 cases; 88 of them were under arrest and 80 absconding.
Mr Durrani said that mercy petitions of 14 convicted militants were pending with the federal government and the provincial government had requested it to reject the petitions.



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