Shia clerics meet home secretary Sindh,



Shia clerics demanded from government to stop illegal arrest of Shiites in Karachi in the wake of Ashura incident and arrest those who were actually responsible for the arson after blast, a delegation of Shia clerics led by President Jaffaria alliance Pakistan (JAP) Allama Abbas Kumaili met with Sindh home secretary Arif Khan on Friday.

Maulana Hussain Masoodi, Shia Action committee leader Mirza Yousuf Hussain, Majlis-e-Wehdat leader Maulana Mukhtar Imami, Salman Mujtaba, Shabar Raza, Ali Ahmar, Sabir Karbalai and other were present on the meeting.



Allama Kumaili deplored that after the incident innocent people of Shia community were arrested by the law enforcement agencies while the actual culprits are still at large, the delegation termed it shameful. They said that it has become known that after blast arson and looting was carried out under a preplanned strategy even there were reports that goods looted from the markets recovered from the Chanti Bazar, Old areas and still present in adjoining areas of the Bolton market.

He said that recovering of the looted goods from the old areas of Karachi were proved that the miscreants involved in the looting and arsons activities.


He warned home secretary that they would not tolerate illegal arrest of their innocent youths, arrest the real culprits responsible for this tragedy or else they reserve the right of protest, demonstration will be held across the country and government would be responsible for all dire consequences.


Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan also demanded that officials those who proved inefficient to protect lives of innocent people must also be taken into task, it also clarified that those who thinks that processions routes could be changed must know that Ashura procession routes will not be changed, these processions have never been stopped in the past and will not be stopped ever.


Sindh home secretary assured Allam abbas Kumaili that he would look into the matter and his complaints would soon be removed. In meeting CCPO Karachi Waseem Ahmed, Deputy DG Rangers Sindh and SP Amin yousuf were also present.

CCPO Karachi informed the delgation that government was arrested the terrorists involved in the Ashura bomb blast saying that within the two days government exposed the conspiracy in front of the nation.

He assured the delegation that we would monitor the issue of the arrest of innocent shia youths and nominated the SP Amin Yousuf as a focal person to address the issue


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