Saudi nexus with Israel tantamount to stabbing Islamic Ummah in back

Saudi nexus with Israel tantamount to stabbing Islamic Ummah in back, says MWM Pakistan secretary general.

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari expressed these views, while reacting to secret visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi nexus with Israel tantamount to stabbing Islamic Ummah

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen leader further said that in tandem with U.S. and Israel, the Saudi-led Arab bloc was paying dirty game with Muslim Ummah.

He said that friendly meeting with the Israeli PM and MOSSAD head at Neom, KSA, amounted to sprinkling salt on wounds of Islamic world.

However, he also warned that betraying al-Quds cause and machinations against the first Qibla of Muslims would result into exemplary consequences for the plotters.

The MWM leader rejected pro-Israel narrative of some so-called intellectuals or media persons, while giving cogent reasons.

He referred to the unwavering stance of founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah against Jewish state on Arab majority Palestine land.

He termed the decades-old Palestine policy of father of nation as the last and final word on this issue.

Founding fathers of Pakistan always rejected Jewish claim on Arab majority land of the entire Palestine.

According to democratic principles, Jewish minority from abroad cannot claim their ancestral right to the land which their ancestors themselves had abandoned millennia ago.

Non-local Jews, together with local Palestinian Jews had never been in majority on the land of Palestine even in 1948 when they declared establishment of Israel.

Independent analysts call establishment of Israel as the fraud of the millennia in human history.

Therefore, Arabs/Muslims reject the fake and fraud state of Israel, the apartheid entity that continues to squat Palestine.

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