Former presidents of ISO lament cases against Chehlum anniversary mourners

Former presidents of ISO lament cases against Chehlum anniversary mourners who participated in annual mourning to pay homage to Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala.

Ex-CPs of Imamia Students Organisation held a meeting wherein the incumbent President Arif Hussain Aljani also attended.

Former presidents of ISO lament cases

They thrashed out current situation and particularly post-Arbaeen situation in Pakistan. At the conclusion, they issued a joint statement.

EX-CPs of the ISO praised azadars for record turnout (in millions) on Chehlum (Arbaeen) anniversary’s mourning processions.

However, they also expressed concern over unjustifiable cases against Shia mourners over their participation in Arbaeen anniversary mourn. They demanded immediate withdrawal of all such cases.

Moreover, they appealed to all Muslims to celebrate Eid Miladul Nabi – birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). They asked all Muslims to demonstrate unity and participate in celebrations together because Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is source of unity and fraternity for all Muslims.

The ex-CPs of the ISO made it clear that they believe in rule of law in Pakistan and for that they consider continuation of real democracy a must for welfare and prosperity of the country.

However, they also expressed concern over negative criticism against Pak Army and some of its institutions.

They consider strong defensive power guarantees integration and survival of Pakistan.

Allama Raja Nasir asks polity and establishment to end confrontation

For the sake of Pakistan’s security and defence, Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) Pakistan stand with the armed forces.

However, ex-CPs of the ISO deem it necessary to recommend that national security institutions should revisit their decades-old policy.

They further suggested they should assist the civilian government and make national security policy in accordance with the changed geostrategic landscape of the globe and the region.

Particularly, the ex-CPs of the ISO asked national security institutions to remain impartial in disputes between Muslim regimes and act as mediator (instead of taking side).


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