Multan police books octogenarian Sunni follower of Imam Hussain

Multan police books octogenarian Sunni follower of Imam Hussain who preach unity of Sunni-Shia unity.

Ludicrously, a nasbi takfiri M Mudassir son of Taufiq lodged complaint against 80-year-old Sunni Muslim Merajuddin.

Multan police books octogenarian Sunni follower of Imam Hussain

Multan Dehli Gate Police has registered blasphemy case under section 298-A against Merajuddin Sunni whom people know as preacher of peace and cohesion.

Deobandi nasbi accused him of blasphemy of Sahaba and Ummahat ul Maumineen to settle personal score with Meraj, former custodian of a mosque.

Factually speaking, Pakistan and specially Multan also is a city where Muslims live together, amicably. But some biased hatemongering clerics stage a hate rally in Multan.

Young generation don’t know background of these clerics and their ancestors; otherwise they would have condemned them.

Grandfather of Deobandi cleric Mufti Hanif Jalandhari and father of Hamid Saeed Kazmi have remained poles apart away from one another.

Mufti Muneeb claims to follow Ahmed Raza Khan Fazil Braili who had declared Deobandis and Wahhabis deviant from Islam. And Ahmed Saeed Kazmi, father of Hamid Seed Kazmi Sunni Brailvi also defended Ahmed Raza Khan’s ideology.

Hanif Jalandhari belong to Deobandi sect.

Cleric Ghulamullah of Deobandi sect had declared Brailvi sect of followers of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan as Firqa Batila that means a false and invalid sect. Ghulamullah Khan also called Brailvis as pagans.

He wrote all these things in Tasfeer Jawahir ul Quran. All religious people know this background and laugh at these hatemongering hypocrites who have joined hands to serve pro-Israeli Saudi Wahhabi monarchy’s interests.

Sunnis turn down this thuggery and bigotry. Notably, many Sunnis remain related with Shia Muslims and live amicably.

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