Thousands of mourners attended the Majlis-e-Soyem of Asshura’s blast.


Shiitenews correspondent:

Thousands of mourners attended the Majlis-e-Soyem (Memorial Gathering) of Ashura’s blast victims (Martyrs), held on 31stDecember,2009, at Shah-e-Khurasan Road.

Speakers on the occasion condemn the irresponsible behavior of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, terming mourners as rioters and miscreants.

 Speaking on the occasion, Mulana Hasan Zafar Naqvi said that the government must release CCTV footages of 9 April, 12 May and 27 December incident. He said that the city nazim had seen even few rioters in the footages but he could not see thousands of peaceful mourners in the Ashura’s procession.


Allama Abbas Kumaili said that the suicide bombers were not linked with any religion or sect. They serve to Zionist lobby and USA. He said that incident of setting some major markets on fire were an act to undermine the  country’s economy .

Leader of ISO Rehman Shah warned the government that ISO would launched a nationwide protest, if the immediate action was not taken against the culprits who are behind both the incidents.



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