Imam Khomeini called for awakening of nations against arrogant powers

Imam Khomeini called for awakening of nations against arrogant powers, said speakers while addressing a virtual seminar held in commemoration of Imam Khomeini on the 31st anniversary of his passing away.

Al-Baseerah Institute in Islamabad and Iranian cultural consulate jointly organized the virtual event.

Imam Khomeini called for awakening of nations

In their speeches, Pakistani scholars lauded role of Imam Khomeini, citing Imam Khomeini stood up against the tyrannical powers.

Ambassador Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Director General of Iranian Cultural Consulate Mohammad Reza Kaka, politicians, religious leaders, university teachers and intellectuals participated in the event.

They said that the United States failed in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan because the people of the region resisted the invaders and occupiers. They said Imam Khomeini remained sources of inspiration for people of the region; hence they put stiff resistance.

Pakistani leaders, including JUP leader Sahibzada Abul Khair Zubair, said teachings of Imam Khomeini will continue to provide guidance to the people around the world.

While sharing his views, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan underlined awakening of nations against global arrogance a fundamental element of the teachings of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini.

He noted struggle against the oppressive system of world a fundamental element in Imam Khomeini’s political school of thought which immensely impacted the world.

The ambassador cited Imam Khomeini played a significant role in defeating the imperialist and Zionist forces.

Besides, Imam Khomeini also played a very important role for bringing unity among the Muslim world.

He pointed out that Imam Khomeini’s struggle was not limited to the Iranian nation but to the entire Muslim Ummah and other non-Muslim oppressed nations across the globe.

Pakistani intelligentsia remember Imam Khomeini on the 31st anniversary

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