Ambassador Hosseini asks PM Imran Khan for counterterror cooperation

Ambassador Hosseini asks PM Imran Khan for counterterror cooperation during a meeting in Islamabad.

The ambassador Mohammad Ali Hosseini stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between Pakistan and Iran to overcome the menace of terrorism.

Specially, he called for strengthened cooperation against the continued threat of Daesh terrorist group in the region.

He met Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in Islamabad on Friday.

Pakistan’s Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health on Health Dr Zafar Mirza and Foreign Secretary Sohail Mehmood were also present during the meeting.

Ambassador Hosseini asks PM

The ambassador highlighted the latest measures Iran as taken to fight coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its cooperation with the international organizations to overcome the crisis.

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasizing the importance of Iran-Pakistan bilateral relations added the government of Pakistan is committed to further deepening relations and cooperation with Iran in all areas.

He stressed the need for removing obstacles in bilateral economic cooperation, especially in the field of trade. The PM appreciated the principled and constructive position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Kashmir issue.

He welcomed the cultural cooperation between the two friendly nations of Iran and Pakistan and called for boosting intellectual and spiritual cooperation of Iran and Pakistan against the invasion of Western culture.

Imran Khan also called for expanding relations between Iran and Pakistan in tourism sector.

Ambassador Mohammad Ali Hosseini on the occasion said Iranian leadership highly values its ties with Pakistan saying that constructive steps need to be taken to increase the volume of bilateral trade by using various mechanisms.

He also said that Iran is ready to increase cultural cooperation with Pakistan.

Hosseini added that Tehran and Islamabad need to keep the joint border open for transportation and trade activities while adhering to health and safety standards.

During the meeting, Pakistani Health Minister briefed PM Imran and the ambassador on country’s efforts to manage the coronavirus outbreak and existing cooperation between Iran and Pakistan on the issue.

Pakistan Iran trade goes on without hindrance under special mechanism: FO

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