Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood visits Imam Reza shrine in Iran

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood visits Imam Reza shrine in Iran holy city Mashhad.

He began his Iran visit with pilgrimage of the sacred Mashhad city.

First, he went to pay respect and recite Ziarat at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

Meanwhile, he also met and talked to Khorasan Razavi Governor-General.

Moreover, Qureshi said that Khorasan Razavi has special spiritual significance.

He said that many Pakistani pilgrims travel to Mashad every year for the pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).

He also hailed good business opportunities between the two countries while citing expansion of trade between this province and the countries of the.

Qureshi further said Iran has proven a resilient country and nation, despite the challenges and difficult conditions it has faced in the past.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan expressed hope that Iran would leave behind the challenges that it faces.

He said that the Pakistani government and nation have good relations with the Iranian government and nation.

He referred to the history of their relations that dates back to many centuries. Hence, he emphasised the need to maintain and strengthen these relations.

Qureshi said that we can overcome some of the challenges, including sanctions.

He said that we can overcome these obstacles with love, interest, warm relationships and trust between the parties.

APP report

Foreign Minister Qureshi commenced his visit from Mashad where he paid respects at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), descendant of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

There he prayed for Muslim unity and regional stability.

He also met Governor General of Razavi Khorasan Province Ali Reza Razm Hosseini who warmly welcomed him and his delegation.

The governor general told him that they catered around 3 million pilgrims annually coming from across the world including Pakistan.

While talking to him, the foreign minister termed starting his trip from the holy place an honor for him.

The foreign minister also thanked the governor general for facilitation of the Pakistani pilgrims who visit the shrine in a huge number annually.


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