Khewas town notables demand government to address their grievances

Khewas town notables demand government to address their grievances. Takfiri terrorists obliterated Shia majority Khewas town on September 16, 2010.

Unfortunately, biased state authorities and NGOs had not dealt with Khewas issue fairly. The biased officials and NGOs had treated Khewas unfairly.

Due to those injustices, Khewas town notables addressed a press conference at Parachinar Press Club. Malik Inayat Hussain, Molvi Mohammadullah, mishran and other notables spoke.

Khewas 2010 tragedy

They referred to the 2010 tragedy in which around 100 people, including children and women embraced martyrdoms.

They cited that terrorists destroyed all buildings, including mosque, Imam Bargah and schools.

Comparison with others

Furthermore, the notables noted discriminatory criterion to Khewas as compared to central and lower Kurrum.

Central Kurrum (CK)

They said that central Kurrum affected tribes got Rs400,00 per family compensation. They got registration on their CNIC and got ATM and since then they are getting Rs5000 per month.

Moreover, the notables pointed to the upgrading of schools and other institutions. They noted development scheme for CK, including hospitals and schools.

Lower Kurrum

They said that heirs of deceased Pir Khamar of Makhi Zai in Lower Kurrum got Rs8.5 million in compensation. Similarly, Rs 10 million had gone to Abdul Ghaffar of Bagzai.

Furthermore, six families of Mulla Jan Kilay got 56 cheques and 12 families of Arhanowali Saydano Kali got 36 cheques while 118 cheques went to Jelmiyay.

The Shia notables also referred to water line and irrigation schemes in CK.

However, they lamented that the authorities concerned a totally different policy for Khewas.

Khewas grievances

They referred to 2013 Governor Survey Team report that acknowledged 297 affected families in Khewas. But, Compensation authorities understated them to 122 families.

Nonetheless, they too were denied full compensatory amount. The authorities concerned gave them Rs150,000, half of the allocated per family compensatory amount.

Khewas town notables demand

Meanwhile, they have demanded the government and the NGOs to address their grievances.

They demanded payment of full compensatory amount to all 297 affected families.

The notables demanded 8 inch irrigation pipeline and also urged legislators to pay attention to Khewas issues.

They called for forestation through forest department’s schemes and also demanded electric power supply. The notables demanded repairing and reconstruction of roads, bridges and draains for smooth communication.

Finally, they urged the government for fair division of shamilat among concerned areas.

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