Eighteen mourners (Azadar) and three LEA’s personnel injured in Karachi during Muharram procession

quaid More than Eighteen mourners and three personnel of Law Enforcement Agencies were injured, in a car blast at Khilafat Chowk in Paposh Nagar Karachi, SSP Javed Baloch confirmed. Three mourners are in critical situation, Jafaria Alliance Leader Informed. According to Shiite news correspondent, the blast took place at a time when 8th Muharram procession of Alam and Zulijunah was passing through Paposh Nagar. The injured are being shifted to nearest Abbasi Shaheed hospitals. Police and rangers have reached the blast site where rescue services have been kick started. An eye witness said that bomb blast witnessed in a parked white color Toyota car, when the mourning procession were passing the designated route. Enraged mourners are chanting the slogans of Hussainiyat Zindabad and Yazidiyat Muradabad.  However, mourning procession despite the bomb blast are moving towards their last destination.


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