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Syrian Forces Uncover Israeli-made Bombs, Grenades near Damascus

Syrian government forces have discovered Israeli-made bombs along with loads of munitions and military hardware inside weapons caches belonging to foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants in the country’s southern province of Rif Dimashq.

Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that Syrian army troopers launched clean-up operations in the towns of Babbila and Yalda in addition to Beit Sahem village on Tuesday, and discovered various types of ammunition, including mortar shells, tens of improvised explosive devices and Israeli-made bombs and grenades, in the liberated areas.

An unnamed field commander said Syrian government forces also found a number of anti-personnel mines, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers and their rockets, machineguns, automatic rifles, chemical substances used in making bombs as well as telecommunication devices.

He added that Syrian soldiers, in cooperation with fighters from pro-government popular defense groups, are combing towns and villages on the southern outskirts of the capital Damascus of hidden ordnances, and preparing ground for the return of displaced locals to their homes.


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