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Over 50,000, Families Return Home as Syrian Army Completes Control over Eastern Ghouta

Over 50,000 Syrian families returned to their residential units in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday after the country’s Army men drove terrorists out of the region.

More than 50,000 displaced families have returned to their towns, regions, settlements and villages in Eastern Ghouta a week after the army restored security to the region.

In the meantime, a field source said that the army men discovered a network of tunnels while carrying out a mop-up operation in Jobar region in Eastern Ghouta.

The source further said that the army also seized several mortar launchers used by the terrorists to target Damascus and its surroundings.

Earlier reports said that the army’s elite forces, backed up by the artillery and missile units’ fire, stormed Jeish al-Islam’s positions West of Douma and seized the Southwestern farms between Mesraba and Douma towns.

In the meantime, the army aircraft pounded the positions and movements of Jeish al-Islam in Douma, killing and wounding several terrorists and destroying their positions.

The army started military operation after Jeish al-Islam violated the ceasefire agreement and shelled residential areas in Damascus suburb, killing or wounding almost 34 civilians.


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