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2 Shia boys martyred by takfiri terrorists in Syria

shadatForeign-backed Al-Qaeda terrorists have executed two young men in a besieged northern town of Aleppo province, media reports say.

The two 15-year old boys coming from the impoverished towns of Nubbul and al-Zahra were shot and killed by terrorists from the al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

Both towns have been under a strict siege imposed by foreign-backed militants for more than a year.
An amateur video posted online showed two boys, blindfolded, sat before masked gunmen ahead of being shot.

Executing civilians is a common practice among anti-Syria militants and terrorists.
Nubbul and al-Zahra have been scene of brutal killings and executions since militants took both towns under their control and blocked their access to the outside world.

Last year a group of people tried to escape the siege in Nubbul, but they were forced back and ten men were beheaded by militants.

Their heads were hanged at the entrance of the town to scare people off from running away.
War began in Syria in March 2011, spreading into the whole country after some Western and Arab states extended financial and military aids to terrorist groups who sneaked into Syria via the neighboring countries.

The country is now facing a massive insurgency led by several terrorist and militants groups who have recently turned on each other for seizing their shares of the war before the other one takes control.


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