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“Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey responsible for every drop of blood spilled in Syria”

abu saeedAmbassador  of the International High Commission for Human Rights in the Middle East, member of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Haitham Abu Saeed, held the countries supporting terrorism responsible for every drop of blood spilled in Syria.
In an interview with Syrian TV on Friday, Abu Saeed pointed out to the involvement of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in what is happening in Syria, saying “the involvement of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in what is happening in Syria is plain and clear and they declare this through the media .. we regret this and condemn it.
“We have asked them to stop this immediately, and we add our voice to the voice of Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon in demand not only from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also from Turkey which may be involved more than others, to stop supporting militants… we hold them fully responsible yesterday, today and in the future for every drop of blood spilled in Syria.”
Abu Saeed described the position of Ki-moon on the need to stop supporting armed groups in Syria as being serious, explaining that this position is based on the facts that indicate the presence of terrorist organizations in the Syrian interior which work to undermine security and the Syrian society.
He noted that the International High Commission for Human Rights demanded the cessation of arming the opposition, saying “we were optimistic regarding the need to limit arming in Syria since the beginning of the events… we have referred to these topics since the beginning and we had accurate information that we listen to through the International Investigations Office belonging to the International Parliament for Safety and Peace and the International High Commission for Human Rights, which provides us with all the security and intelligence information about topics that are assigned to it.”
Abu Saeed pointed out that European sides gave documented that only five percent of the so-called armed opposition are Syrians and the rest are of multiple non-Syrian nationalities.
Abu Saeed said that the opposition exploits the massacres it commits prior to international conferences on Syria, stressing that the International High Commission for Human Rights relies in its reports on concrete evidence and objectivity, not emotions and political whims.
He explained that the opposition accuse the Syrian government of massacres, while the Commission carried out investigations, discovering that sides in the opposition benefited from these massacres and exploited them.
Abu Saeed also condemned Turkey’s hijacking of the Syrian plane and later the Armenian plane, describing such acts as Mafia-like and violating international aviation laws.
He went on to stress that change in Syria cannot come through violence, but rather through ballots, noting that the international community is aware of the strength and popularity of President Bashar al-Assad and is afraid of this, as they are aware that if a democratic choice were to be made as they claim then the Syrians will choose their leadership, and more specifically they will choose President al-Assad.
Regarding the mission of UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi, Abu Saeed affirmed that the Commission supports Ibrahimi and is prepared to offer anything that could ensure the success of his mission.


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