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Unknown Groups Purchase Weapons from Iraq to be Smuggled to Syria

wepons_Religious authorities in Iraq issued fatwas forbidding buying or selling weapons across the country, as unknown groups purchased weapons from areas in central and southern Iraq, amid confirmed reports that this campaign is backed by intelligence services of some countries to smuggle the weapons to Syria.

RT television said in a report on Sunday “There have been ample reports in Iraq about an organized campaign by unknown groups to buy Kalashnikovs, guns, PKCs from the locals in central and southern Iraq.”
Iraqi MP Mohamed al-Lakkash said ”There are arms traders in Iraq, and weapons are bought from the locals due to the deteriorating living conditions of people who bear arms, which gave rise to an organized campaign of buying weapons.”
”There is Saudi and Qatari intelligence operating on the Syrian-Iraqi borders who are trying to promote the weapons trade to support the Syrian armed opposition, that’s why the citizens have to be cautious not to sell weapons to those who are trying to empty the area of weapons,” Iraqi MP Abboud Wahid said.

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