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Al-Azhar Sunni Grand Imam: Standing Behind Shia Elites for Prayering is Permissible

Sheikh-Ahmed-TayebAhmad el-Tayeb, Sheikh of Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University said “there is no word of excommunicating Shia in Islam and the holy Qur’an,” Al-manar TV quoted the Egyptian university dean as saying.

E-tayeb, the holder of Islamic philosophy PhD said “he was prepared to stand behind the Shia elites to perform his prayer and said as “rumored, they [the Shia] have no other Qur’an.

“None of the Sunni commentators talked about the Shia following another version of the holy Qur’an,” the statement which stipulates Shia- Sunni unity.

El-Tayeb said he will go to visit Nejaf, the sacred Shia city and the shrine of Imam Ali (AS), the first Shia leader when he visits Iraq after the formation of the country’s new government.

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