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Religious initiative to solve the crisis in Yemen

shiite-ulema Islamic Ulema Union is to gathering a panel which composed of scholars of different Islamic sects and different Muslim countries to solve and end the conflict between Yemen government and Shia Houthis. According to Ahlul Bayt (A) News Agency – The Panel is composed of “Ayatollah Taskhiri”, “Sheikh Salman al-Ouda”, “Sheikh Yusuf Qarzavi”, “Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalili” and “Dr. Al-Qara Daghi” to end this conflict. “Islamic Ulema Union emphasis on unity among Muslims and maintain the respect of Muslims’ blood. The panel has done efforts to solve Civil Wars and other problems such as this conflict.” Dr. Al-Qara Daghi said. “This move in parallel to all efforts which is done by the Islamic countries to end the conflict.” he added. To the question “Does Yemen government agree with your action or not?” he said that Our primarily panel has gone to Yemen to prepare the Yemen government and Shia Houthis and now is consulting with them.

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