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Russian, Syrian Warplanes Hit Hard ISIL’s Military Positions, Movements in Eastern Hama

The Russian and Syrian fighter jets in a joint military operation pounded ISIL’s military positions and movements in Eastern Hama and inflicted heavy losses on them.

The Russian warplanes pounded the positions of ISIL deep inside Badieh (desert) in Eastern Hama which resulted in the death and injury of tens of ISIL terrorists and destruction of their military vehicles and equipment.

The Syrian air force warplanes strongly pounded ISIL’s movements in the direction of the oil pipeline and Tabareh al-Dibeh in Eastern Hama.

This is while the terrorists’ military bases and movements also came under airstrikes by the Syrian fighter jets along Sheikh Halal-Rasm al-Timeh axis which resulted in the death of a number of ISIL terrorists.

In Northern Hama, the army troops engaged in clashes with the terrorists who had attacked al-Mosaseleh checkpoint and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists before thwarting their invasion.

The Syrian army also pushed ahead with its anti-ISIL military operations in Eastern Hama, forcing the Takfiri terrorists to withdraw from more regions.

After liberating Rasm al-Ammoun and Rasm al-Tineh, the Syrian army resumed military operations in the Eastern parts of Hama on Sunday, hitting ISIL’s centers North of the terrorist group’s strategic stronghold, Aqayrabat.

The Syrian soldiers, backed by Russian bombers, managed to break through the ISIL defense lines after a series of bloody battles.

They also recaptured several villages and points in the Eastern parts of Hama province.

According to reports, pro-gov’t forces regained control of the villages of Jubb al-Sa’ad, Hanifah and Hasso al-Albawi which are all located along the main road between Ithriya and al-Sa’an.

The Syrian army forces also engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists after taking back control of the Points 8 and 9 and could seize back Point 7 along the Petrol Line region in the Southern parts of Aqayrabat, Eastern Hama.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army sent tens of military vehicles, a large number of weapons and ammunition and hundreds of fresh forces to intensify the anti-ISIL operations in Hama.

A military source said that the army has deployed forces in Eastern Salamiyeh to launch concurrent air, missile and artillery strikes on ISIL bases in Aqayrabat region.

The Syrian army backed by the country’s air force continued its military operations against the ISIL in Eastern Hama province Saturday and managed to take control of more strategic heights and also pave the way for its advances towards a strategic dam.

The government forces recaptured Debareh al-Dibeh hilltop and Tabarat al-Dibeh region after engaging in heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern countryside of Hama, focusing on recapturing Aqarib dam East of Salamiyeh after regaining control over the strategic Debareh al-Dibeh hilltop.

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Russian bombers carried out a number of combat flights over ISIL’s supply lines to the strategic town of Aqayrabat as Army troops continued operation in Eastern Hama to expel terrorists from the region.

The Syrian and Russian forces, backed by the two countries’ warplanes, have started a new phase of military operations to expel the ISIL from Eastern Hama in bid to secure the strategic city of Salamiyeh.


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