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Turkish fighter jets continue to attack northern Syria

News sources reported that Turkish fighter jets attacked the positions of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Forces (SDF) on the border between Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish army has intensified a new round of attacks against Kurdish militias in northern Syria and Iraq since three days ago.

After the Sunday evening terrorist attack in Istanbul, Türkiye identified the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as the perpetrator of the attack. Regardless of PKK’s rejection of this accusation, Turkish authorities announced that they will intensify their attacks against the members of this party inside as well as in Iraq and Syria.

Iraq and Syria have repeatedly protested Türkiye’s attacks against these two countries under the pretext of fighting PKK. But regardless of the protests, Türkiye has decided to intensify its attacks on northern Iraq and Syria after the terrorist attack last Sunday.

The fighter jets of the Turkish army targeted the SDF positions on the outskirts of a district on the border of Syria and Iraq three times.

There has been no report about possible casualties and damage caused by this Turkish air attack.

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