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Terrorists shell northwestern Syria 3 times

Al-Nusra Front terrorists have shelled areas in Syria during the past day, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria announced.

The terrorists launched two attacks in Latakia Province and one in Idlib Province, according to Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center Major-General Oleg Yegorov, Sputnik reported on Monday.

Based on the 2017 agreement among Iran, Russia, and Turkiye as the guarantor countries of the Astana Peace Process, four safe zones were established in Syria.

Three regions came under the control of the Syrian army in 2018, but the fourth region, which includes Idlib Province in northwestern Syria and small parts of Latakia, Hama, and Aleppo provinces, are still under the control of terrorist outfits and government opposition.

Earlier on Sunday, Yegorov had announced that one Syrian soldier had been killed and two others wounded in an attack on the headquarters of a Syrian military base.

He pointed out that some gunmen from the US-occupied Al-Tanf region in Syria had targeted the headquarters of the Syrian army in the west of Tal Tawil mountain.

As he said, the attack had been carried out using UAVs.

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