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QSD Commander, 4 Militants Killed in Syria’s Deir Ezzor

A commander in US-backed QSD militia was killed in Syria’s Deir Ezzor while 4 other militants from the militia were also killed in Hasaka

SANA news agency quoted local sources as saying that unknown persons were riding motorcycle when they opened fires on a leader of QSD militia in Swedan Jazeera town in Deri Ezzor eastern countryside, killing him.

The agency noted that on the11th of August, QSD militia, also known as “Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), carried out raids campaign and kidnapped a number of civilians in Swedan Jazeera town in Deir Ezzor southeastern in an attempt to control the protests demanding the expulsion of US occupation forces from the region.

Elsewhere in Hasaka southern countryside, four gunmen from US-backed militia were killed when one of their headquarters was targeted in al-Sarajiya village.

Civil sources said that unknown persons attacked a headquarter of QSD militia in al-Sarajiya village in the south east of Shaddadi near Syrian-Iraqi borders, causing the killing of four gunmen of those militias, SANA added.

-QSD Commander

Source: SANA


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