Hizbullah: Al-Qseir’s Victory Bright Moment for Resistance, Big Blow to US, ’Israel’, Takfiris

al qaserHizbullah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed Wednesday that today’s battle has one title i.e. confronting “Israel” and those serving its project.

“Hizbullah’s stances are based on this principle and today it has been proven that wagering on toppling the resisting Syria is a delusional project,” he added.
Receiving a delegation from Syrian Social Nationalist Party, His Eminence clarified that establishing political stances based on the American-“Israeli” project are doomed and failing.

He further hoped that the realities of geopolitics are cleared so that the land owners are the winners when they struggle and remain steadfast in face of conspirators and occupiers.
“The victory in Qusair forms a heavy blow to the American-“Israeli”-Takfiri project and a bright moment for the resistance project in Syria,” Sheikh Qassem confirmed.

In parallel, he highlighted that “there is no point to the commotion in the international and regional political media trying to change the historic and geographic realities.”
“The victory achieved by the Syrian army in al-Qseir town will have its positive repercussions on preserving the resistance axis in the region and breaking the conspiracy on Syria,” His Eminence predicted.

In this context, the Hizbullah top official referred to the shock and disappointment the Zionist entity suffered after the Syrian army’s victory in al-Qseir and the defeat of the American-“Israeli”-Takfiri project in the town.
“We are sure that this victory belongs to the Syrian people, government, and political will,” His Eminence added, and affirmed that “this victory will be certainly a turning point in favor of keeping the unity of Syria, its location and role.”

Sheikh Qassem also reiterated that his party wanted to see a political settlement to end the two-year-old conflict in Lebanon’s neighbor.

“We repeat our call for a political solution in Syria and that the international land grabbers and their followers be halted from targeting our Arab region to help [Israel] because the people of the region are adamant on retrieving their land and rights,” he said.

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