Hezbollah: Attacking Iran will set entire Middle East on fire

shiitenews Hezbollah DeputyHezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem has warned that a military offensive against Iran would set the entire Middle East on fire.
“America knows that if there is a war on Iran, this means that the whole region will be set alight, with no limit to the fires,” Qassem said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday.
“Israel could start a war… but it does not know the scale of the consequences and it is incapable of controlling them,” he added.
Israeli officials have recently intensified their war rhetoric, threatening Iran with military strikes in the event that US-backed sanctions against the country fail to force Tehran into abandoning its civilian nuclear program.
The Lebanese resistance movement official pointed to the deep rift between Israeli and American officials about an attack on Iran and said, “Israel does not have the capability nor the courage to wage war by itself on Iran, while America has reservations because of the dangers of this war and because of the upcoming (presidential) election.”
He added that Washington believed any conflict with Iran would put its forces and allies in the region at risk, and would deepen the global economic crisis by pushing oil prices higher.
When asked whether Hezbollah would attack Israel in response to any attack against the Islamic Republic, Sheikh Qassem said Iran could defend itself but such an attack would “ignite the entire region.”
He explained that Hezbollah had a defensive policy against Israel but it “is always preparing itself and it won’t stop preparing itself for a single second because of its conviction that Israel is always preparing to attack.”


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