Syed Nasrallah: Israeli Threats Do Not Scare Us Anymore

syed_nasrallahBlack was the dominating color in Beirut’s southern suburb on Thursday. Well over a million people filled the streets of Dahiye to mark Ashura; the tenth of the Hijri month of Muharram, when Imam Hussein son Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb, and grandson of Prophet Mohamad peace be upon them, was martyred along with his household by the army of the tyrant Caliph Yazib Bin Moawiyah, 61 A.H.

Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hasan Nasrallah was waiting for the procession at the Raya field in Haret Hreik to renew allegiance to Imam Hussein and his grandson Imam Mahdi (pbuh), the savior who will fill earth with justice after it was filled with tyranny and oppression.

The Raya field was full as people were still flocking on foot from a distance of more than two kilometers away. They responded to Sayyed Nasrallah request to participate en masse in the procession to retort to the plots being sewed against the resistance. “The whole world will be looking at your faces, at your eyes, at your fists tomorrow.”

Syed Nasrallah began his speech with a tribute to the martyrs who fell in the bombings that targeted people marking Ashura in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, and other parts of the world.

“We have learned from Imam Hussein in Karbala to stick to righteousness. There is a right that can be abandoned; mostly personal rights. However, there are rights that can never be let down; the rights of the Ummah, its dignity, and its sanctities. No one has the right to abandon one iota of the land, one drop of water, or a piece of our precious sanctities. Today, Palestine and Al-Quds are the big title of rights. The Ummah ought to support it. Many Muslims and Christians fell martyrs on the road to regaining Al-Quds. The conflict cannot end uless Al-Quds returns to its rightful owners, to the Ummah, and this is the option and the ultimate right.”

The Hezbollah chief reminded of the rally in Gaza this week, in the midst of the blockade, under the hovering warplane of the Israeli occupation. “They stood with great resolve and made the world hear their fixed position: We will not acknowledge Israel. They said it and they reiterated it: We will not abandon one inch of Palestine. Today, from Dahiye that faced the most brutal aggression and remained standing tall, it will unbroken, we respond to our brothers’ call in Gaza at a time we are still facing the Israeli threat, we say as: As long as there is blood in our veins we shall never acknowledge Israel. We shall never let down one iota of our land. We shall never forget our sanctities. The Ummah, peoples and governments, is called to make decisive decisions.”

His eminence reminded that the Arab Committee has admitted that negotiations are to no avail. “They were late to discover this. Today, on Ashura Day, we call on the Ummah to walk the path of dignity and pride, the path of the resistance and its options. Negotiations and settlements are dead, but there are some who still refuse to accept this end. Tell your people the truth, the only option to regain land and dignity is the resistance. We are not asking you to prepare your armies, but we ask you to support Palestine and the resistance of the people; stand by this people, lift the blockade on Gaza. Gaza is can endure and remain steadfast. Support the Palestinians of Al-Quds who live abroad so that they can return, and to the Palestinians in the West Bank so that they can stay there despite the hard conditions. Stand by this dear people and help them to put an end to divisions in Palestine. You can do this by employing your capabilities to support this people. If our Ummah takes a united position for just one week, and declare an end to negotiations, you will find the whole world crawling towards you and asking for a chance to resolve the matter. This opportunity should not be wasted.”

Syed Nasrallah stressed “we have bargained on the resistance and we’ve triumphed. The people of Palestine will also triumph as long as there is will and determination.”

The S.G. reminded of the recent Israeli threats to Lebanon and firmly said that “such threats don’t scare us and cannot weaken our will. The time when you could scare us is over. Today, we stand in the position of realizing victory. Israeli that is threatening the resistance was defeated by this same resistance in 1993, in 2000, and in 2006. The resistance has defeated all of your generals and will do so again. These threats are a pitiful psychological war that can never have any effect on our hearts and minds. We tell the Zionists that we are in our best shape, our morals have never been better and our preparations and ability to confront you are optimum.”

His eminence underlined Hezbollah’s adherence to the well being of Lebanon and to national unity as well as the sound and humane relationship between the components of the Lebanese people. “We adhere to this dear country which we sacrificed for and we will always be ready to sacrifice for. We declare our rejection to strife between Sunnis and Shiites and we stress the necessity to confront any plans to sow sedition by the US and Israel. We have never resorted to instigation; in fact we believe that those who resort to sectarian instigation are weak. What we need today is to be conscious and overcome challenges. The new conspiracy has an international title and it is meant to target Lebanon and the resistance. We have spoken elaborately about so called Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the past few months. We refuse to be falsely accused and we shall thwart the objectives behind such indictment. We will protect our country against sedition and the conspirators. The conspiracy of the STL will go with the wind just like the fate of previous conspiracies.”

Syed Nasrallah concluded his speech by renewing allegiance to Imam Hussein (pbuh).

“We will not be weak, we will not lack courage, and we will always struggle to preserve our country’s dignity and to protect this people from all the threats that surround it. The road we follow will only end with victory and pride.”

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