Hezbollah will react to STL indictment

hezbollah_sundayHezbollah says it will oppose any indictment by the US-sponsored tribunal charged with investigating former Lebanese Premier Rafiq Hariri’s assassination back in 2005.

Hezbollah will react to any indictment from the US-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) which is aimed at incriminating the Resistance, Hassan Fadlallah, Hezbollah’s MP in the Lebanese parliament, said on Sunday.

The warning comes while the STL is expected to announce its initial findings regarding Hariri’s murder on February 14, 2005 in a massive bomb explosion in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

The tribunal, which is heavily funded by the United States, is widely viewed as misled by false testimonies from Western-backed elements against Hezbollah and Syria.

The issue has caused a rift among Lebanese factions as calls for the prosecution of the false witnesses and those masterminding the attempt to mislead the probe into Hariri’s killing fall on a deaf ear.

Lebanon’s pro-Western factions, including Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s al-Mustaqbal party, accuse Hezbollah and the Syrian government of involvement in Hariri’s murder.

The incumbent prime minister, however, admitted early in September that the allegations about his father’s death were erroneous and politically motivated.

In a televised speech in August, Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan presented footage taken by Israeli drones of the routes frequented by late Hariri prior to his assassination.

The resistance movement later handed in the evidence it had unveiled to STL.

But the tribunal said the evidence Hezbollah delivered through the Lebanese prosecutor general’s office was “incomplete,” and requested that the Lebanese authorities provide the remaining material — without specifying what evidence was missing.

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