Hezbollah Condemns Massacres against Visitors in Iraq

bd2f9d5c-ebc3-4a24-ad08-2d4dc13fad56_top Hezbollah vehemently denounced on Friday the bombings that targeted visitors of Imam Hussein (pbuh) Shrine in Iraq and expressed belief such deeds reflect the horror and brutality of the perpetrators, obviously stripped of level of humanity or morality, as they targeted innocent citizens in the most sacred times and purest places. In a statement it released, Hezbollah said that the continuation of such heinous massacres requires the highest condemnation from all Muslims and liberals of the world to expose the criminals and repudiate their acts. The Resistance party also called upon those concerned to make every possible effort to uncover the perpetrators and plotters and put an end to their tyranny. While considering the US occupation the main cause for the crimes perpetrated in Iraq, Hezbollah concluded its statement by offering the families of the martyrs its deepest condolences and most heartfelt sympathy asking God Almighty to heal the pains of the wounded.

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