Sayyed Nasrallah Slams Democracies Changing Laws to Suit Israel


Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah criticized on Wednesday Western “deep-rooted” so-called democracies that change their whole judicial systems just to suit the Israeli enemy and prevent the arrest of Israeli officials accused of committing war crimes against the

Palestinian people. Speaking during the seventh Ashoura night at the Sayyed al-Shouhadaa’ compound in Beirut’s southern suburb, Sayyed Nasrallah regretted that Britain is prepared to simply change its judicial system to suit Israel and its interests. “The same applies to the United States of America,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “While it claims to carry the slogans of freedom, democracy and freedom of expression and speech in the world; the US Congress almost unanimously passes a law that penalizes owners of satellites that rent out airspace to some Arab satellite channels, just because these Arab satellite channels tell the Arab peoples the truth and the facts about occupation, aggression and the US project in the region,” his eminence emphasized. “They toy with the law according to their whims and moods,” his eminence concluded. Hezbollah Secretary General devoted the main part of part to emphasize the importance of laws and the necessity of abiding by them. His eminence stressed that, no matter what the nature of the country’s system is, everyone needs to adhere to the laws relating to public order. Sayyed Nasrallah stressed on the necessity to comply with traffic signs and vehicle types (whether petrol or diesel), indicating that non-compliance with traffic laws is a detriment to citizens and public order. “Rules should be respected and worked by and such rules do not conflict with religion or Shari’a whether in Lebanon or elsewhere,” his eminence pointed out. Sayyed Nasrallah also touched on the issues of electricity and water, emphasizing the impermissibility of drawing off free of charge electricity from public power cables, stressing the need for acquiring electricity and water through subscribing for State services. His eminence also pointed to the impermissibility of violating building codes or neglecting labor laws in government departments under the pretext of non-compliance with non-Muslim State regulations. “My speech is for all people in the country, Muslims and Christians, whether they are interested in religious matters or not. I direct my speech to a human community living in one homeland under the protection of the State, sharing a common life and common interests, as the airport and port, the economy and agriculture, industry and budget, deficit and debt are for all of us,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. His eminence noted that the matter is not related to an opposition or a majority, to an Islamic system or non-Islamic one, to whether we approve the system or not, whether it is a dictatorship or not. “What is happening in the country affects the whole country, then the interests of people and society is to respect this kind of law-related public order without discussion, because this is the interest of the country,” his eminence explained. Sayyed Nasrallah concluded his speech by recalling that the aim of the prophets, sacrifices, rules, and religions is to achieve the best possible life conditions for people within their security, stability, freedom, joy, development, education, luxury, and their religious and moral perfection. “Therefore, there is a set of rules that preserves people’s lives and life style, whether it is in a Muslim government or a non-Muslim government, for these kinds of rules aim at the same target of the prophets and their movements, and all the good ones throughout history, so that it would be respected and taken into consideration because it is of people’s benefits, and this is the Islamic


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