US, Regional Countries Exploiting Elections to Defame Hezbollah Image: MP

US administration and some regional states have been exploiting the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon to tarnish the image of Hezbollah resistance movement, member of Loyalty to Resistance bloc, Nawwaf Al-Mousawi warned.

During a local ceremony in south Lebanon on Sunday, Mousawi stressed that Hezbollah believes that the upcoming elections are a chance to improve the representation of the Lebanese people at the parliament.

“We have been subjected to a campaign aimed at driving a wedge between us and our incubating environment from one side and between us and other political factions from another one,” Hezbollah MP said.

“Therefore, we raise a very important question today: Does it make sense that Hezbollah- whose contribution to the political and financial decision in the country has been so limited throughout the past twenty years- is to blame for (the failure of )such policies?”

“This is illogical and it’s not right,” Mousawi said further, stressing that Hezbollah doesn’t evade responsibility in this regards.

“The US administration and some regional states as well as the Zionist entity have been exploiting the elections to defame Hezbollah’s image in a bid to say that the popularity of the resistance party has shrunk.”


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