U.S. Special Operations Commander Visits Lebanon

Major General Darsie Rogers, Commander for Special Operations Command-Central Command is visiting Lebanon September 21-23 to observe U.S. forces partnering with Lebanese Armed Forces and to meet with Lebanese military leaders, the U.S. Embassy said.


“Rogers’ visit highlights the ongoing professional relationship between U.S. forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces and especially the strong degree of training cooperation between the two countries,” the embassy added.

Observing a combined training event featuring Lebanese special forces, Rogers said: “Our partnership with forces here in Roumieh serves as a shining example of the professionalism, dedication and competence of the Lebanese Armed Forces.”

“The visit underscores the United States’ continuing support for the LAF and serves as a clear signal of U.S. commitment to the security of Lebanon,” the embassy said.
But, they ignore the fact that they and their allies never train Lebanese liberate parts of Lebanon occupied by Zionist regime of Israel nor they equip Lebanese army with needed weapons to fight the occupiers.

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