Sayyed Nasrallah Turns the Crisis into an Opportunity

Despite the difficult times Lebanon is passing through on every level, some hope has shined recently as massive human solidarity was obvious among the Lebanese after the terrorist attack that hit Burj al-Barajneh. This was preceded by Lebanese self-commitment to agree on holding the legislative session.

This positive atmosphere in Lebanon puts its people before a choice to transform their crisis, dilemma and pain into an opportunity. This chance is offered to return the country to its normal situation based on the necessity to reject the unrest and find the ways to exit this political problem that burdens the Lebanese people and prevents them not only from work, but also accumulates their different problems and crises.

During his speech last week on Martyr’s day, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah grasped the opportunity, re-suggesting what he has already demanded as a political settlement, including the issue of the president, government and the electoral law. He also asserted that what is suggested is not a constitutional conference; it is rather a comprehensive solution instead of partitioning issues via the Constitution and the mechanisms applied with respect to it, as well as the “Taif Accord.” This aims at reassuring all who may be concerned, and those who are sensitive to talks about the “constitutional conference” or the amendment of the “Taif” by any means.

Lebanon is not a foreign interest, so why delaying the inclusive internal agreement?

In fact, finding an inclusive settlement has become an urgent need today. Nobody benefits from the delay or the maneuver to suggest the issues be solved “one after the other.” It is also in nobody’s interest that every partner presents the issues according to its priorities as it is happening on the dialogue table. There must be serious efforts to reach a solution for everything as “one package”. This in fact fulfills the ambitions of all parties. Those who want the electing of a president will achieve their goal, and those who seek the issuing of an electoral law will also have it. Even those who are seeking the welfare of the government and boosting its work will gain it with the blessing of all other partners. The Lebanese problems could no more bear delays as the people have had enough of failure in finding solutions for their problems. Among the most important issues is that Lebanon is not a foreign interest, every country has its problems and crises. The terrorist attacks that hit Paris recently and busied its people with its results and consequences are a good example on this.

In this regard, it seems that the world, and Europe in particular have offered huge solidarity with France, as if Lebanon and the martyrs it sacrificed recently in Burj al-Barajneh, and its suffering from terrorism doesn’t deserve similar solidarity stances. This, of course, is what the Lebanese people have to understand. Away from personal and present considerations, they have to grasp such a call made by Sayyed Nasrallah to adopt an inclusive political settlement and return Lebanon to the class of acting democratic countries.

In this context, Writer and Political Analyst Ghassan Jawad noted that “Sayyed Nasrallah’s proposal is based on two points:

– The first one is local: Sayyed Nasrallah found that this vaccum, paralysis and damage are in all the country’s institutions. Disorder started creating economic, political and security problems the last of which was the terrorist bomb in Burj al-Barajneh.
– The second is regional: Sayyed Nasrallah doesn’t want associating Lebanon with the international regional crisis. He advised repeatedly not to link Lebanon with the regional or international path, and not to wait anybody to offer us solutions to the crises.”

Speaking to al-Manar website, Jawad said that “the all-inclusive package was welcomed by all partners, but there are fears regarding the details that would take us back to division.”

“For example, the Future Movement welcomed the initiative, but also considered that the presidency is the priority and is an entry for solutions, at a time when March 8 coalition see all issues in the same priority and of same importance, among which is the electoral law,” he further added.

Holding National Conference with Inclusive Settlement

“It’s a must to hold a Lebanese national conference. It is okay if it was provided with a regional sponsorship,” the political analyst said.

“This conference must end up agreeing on a president, prime minister, government and electoral law upon which the next parliamentary elections would be held, to re-produce a new authority in the country,” Jawad added. He also noted that “perhaps the time is not suitable now for some to get engaged in such initiative, but as time passes, everybody will learn that it is the closest thing to reality and subjectivity, and that all partners will start working to achieve.”

Jawad urged the Lebanese people not to wait for an incident to sit together and produce this inclusive settlement proposed by Sayyed Nasrallah. “Through political performance seen after the Burj al-Barajneh terrorist attacks, it was clear that there is a wide area of maturity among all Lebanese political forces. Hence, this maturity must be invested in favor of the settlement,” Jawad noted.

The political analyst further explained: “When Sayyed Nasrallah proposes an inclusive settlement, this means that March 8 coalitions are ready to offer compromises in exchange of other compromises offered by the other side as the March 8 and March 14 forces and all those who consider themselves in the middle sit and negotiate what comes in the country’s benefits.”

“Hezbollah’s insistence on his choices, especially to nominate General Michael Aoun for presidency, doesn’t contradict with this initiative. The logic doesn’t call on Hezbollah to give up on its options and suggestions in case it offered a political initiative. Sitting for dialogue pushes every partner to offer what it has to find the suitable solutions for the country,” he added.

The man also asserted that “even if all the partners got involved in this settlement, General Aoun will remain an obligatory path to find a solution regarding the presidency.”

As for the Government, Jawad considered that “if March 14 group, mainly the Al-Mustaqbal Movement, wanted to return to power, they must offer compromises for the other party, especially the resistance.”

“There is a new tradition in Lebanon that requires the president to be close to the resistance, or at least accepted by the resistance. Therefore, the prime minister would be highly affiliated with March 14, whose talks on a middle figure for the presidency would lead to suggesting a middle figure for leading the government.”

Jawad considered that “despite all what is going on in the region, the Iranian and the Saudi are holding talks starting from Lebanon. Thus, testing, examining and managing a settlement option in the region would perhaps start from Lebanon.” The man called for waiting the stances that the Al-Mustaqbal Movement would show in the coming days to understand the Saudi behavior and position in this regard.”

There is no doubt that the Lebanese people are smart and wise enough to narrow the differences and solve the most difficult problems as long as they seriously want this. The latest legislative session is the best example on this. Had they wanted, they could extract all-inclusive solutions for their problems away from their narrow personal interests, preventing the nation from shocks and unrest.

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