Lebanese MPs Attack Minister of Justice at His Office “for Sake of Restoring Justice”

One day after the State Prosecutor Ghassan Oweidat issued a decision which released all the detainees in the Beirut Port blast case and filed a lawsuit against the judicial investigator Tarek Al-Bitar due to his politicized performance, the MPs affilated with Kataeb, Lebanese Forces and NGOs stormed the office of the Justice Minister Henry Khoury.

MPs George Okais, Ghassan Hasbani, Nazih Matta, Saeed Asmar, Ghayath Yazbek, Razi Hajj, Elias Hankash, Nadim Gemayel, Ibrahim Mneimneh, Mark Daou, Michel Doueihy, Michel Mouawad, Douad Makhzoumi and Adib Abdel Maseeh, in addition to a group of lawyers, joined the meeting held at the office of Khoury.

The MPs claimed they wanted to protest against Oweidat’s decision, while they were actually voicing support to Bitar whose performance was affected by the US interventions.

During the meeting, MP Wadah Al-Sadek insulted and attacked Minister Khoury whose guards defended him. Accordingly, Sadek accused whom he attacked of assaulting him.

The Lebanese Forces MP Adib Abdul Maseeh described the Justice Minister’s guards as dogs.

The supporter of the MPs attacked the security forces off the Justice Ministry, removing the gate of the headquarters. Accordingly, a state of total chaos was witnessed outside the Ministry of Justice.

Moreover, army reinforcements had been deployed in vicinity of the Ministry of Justice while the Minister of Justice remains in his office.

It is worth noting that those political forces have always alleged that they support the state in Lebanon. However, they have always proved that their plots destroy the state in Lebanon.


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