Hezbollah, Future Movement talks was necessary

Speaking at a ceremony in the Lebanese village of Ayn Buswar, southeast of Beirut, Hujjat al-Islam Hasan al-Masri, the vice-president of Lebanon’s Amal Movement, stressed that the selfless sacrifices of the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance left an unforgettable impact on the Zionist regime. “The resistance fighters sacrificed their blood on the path of dignity and honour for the Islamic ummah (community) and so that the occupiers will be unable to continue their tyranny.”

Hujjat al-Islam al-Masri praised the actions of Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese parliament and the leader of the Amal Movement adding that dialogue was necessary between Hezbollah and the Future Movement in to combat the foreign-sponsored seditious projects, which aim to create and turmoil in Lebanon. Therefore, the Amal Movement, is making an effort to create an atmosphere of unity and harmony between the various political parties in Lebanon.

The Lebanese scholar pointed out that the enemies seek to shatter the unity of the Muslim world on the basis of religious issues and by creating conflicts and friction between Muslim countries so that Israel can reach its aim of becoming a regional superpower.

Hujjat al-Islam al-Masri expressed his regret over the fact that Arab countries have spend large amounts of money on sponsoring and arming Takfiri groups. He emphasized that the events occurring in the Middle East only benefit Israel but other countries have suffered from the recent developments in the region.

His Eminence emphasized that the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have undermined the armies of most Arab countries, saying that despite all the conspiracies, the strategy of the Islamic Resistance, which was founded by Imam Musa as-Sadr, will lead them to victory.


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