Israel Worried: How Will We Act if Hizbullah Controlled Border Line with Golan?

Zionist concerns escalated with the successes of the Syrian army and Hizbullah fighters during the intensive operation they started three days ago against the Syrian armed groups in Quneitra and Daraa outskirts.

According to Ehud Yi’ri, Arab affairs analyst in “Israeli” Channel 2, “the progress of the Syrian army and Hizbullah forces created an “Israeli” problem that escalated with the disintegration of the formations of the Syrian armed groups based on the borders of the occupied Golan Heights.”

The analyst commented, “Now, the Syrian army and Hizbullah are faced with several options, one of which is to progress towards the south, towards Daraa and the Jordanian border. The second option is to progress towards our borders in order to try to expel the rebels from all the Quneitra area.”

He further clarified, “This situation raises a big question mark in front of “Israel” especially in the election period; if things developed to the west and not south, will the “Israeli” government be ready to accept the spread of Hizbullah under Syrian army artillery cover along the border with the Golan line?”

“If this happened, what to do then? This is the question posed and there is no escape.”

Yi’ri continued that “what is happening now in Quneitra and Daraa outskirts is much like the battle that Hizbullah moderated in Al-Qusayr on the Syrian-Lebanese border. The problem is that if they succeeded in driving the rebels out of there – and I do not see that happening yet, but it is possible to happen -If they expelled the rebels and succeeded in reaching our borders, I think the last thing “Israel” wants is another front line with Hizbullah; since they are now talking about what they called the popular resistance and the formation of a new front in this region”.

He added that “”Israel” officially made clear that it will not allow Hizbullah to form a base in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.”

“What we are witnessing now is a battle generally spinning at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers of the forces’ separation line in the Golan Heights; while the question now is how will they decide to proceed? From the places they have reached, they have a choice: they could decide to move to the south toward the Jordanian border and Daraa and occupy rebel areas there, or they could go west towards us.”

According to the “Israeli” commentator, “The question is: How does the “Israeli” government intend to response if it found out that Hizbullah is able to drive out the insurgents and take position along the border line with “Israel”; and how will “Israel” act, in this case, in the light of the statements that we have heard in the last month?”


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