Hezbollah Parliamentary Bloc Holds Saudi Responsible for Current Diplomatic Crisis with Lebanon

Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc on Thursday held the Kingdom Saudi Arabia responsible for the current diplomatic crisis with Lebanon, indicating that KSA follows the policy of gagging the public opinion and restricting freedom of speech.

In a statement issued after its regular meeting, the bloc stressed that the consecutive failures of KSA pushed it to take such tyrannical moves against Lebanon.

The remarks of the Lebanese information minister, George Kordahi (made before he took office) do not justify the Saudi reaction which are up to a war declaration, according to the statement.

Hezbollah bloc maintained that the hast measures taken by Saudi will not change the negative attitude of the most of the Lebanese as well as the Arab and world populations towards KSA war on Yemen, rejecting the foreign dictates on the Lebanese government.

“The foreign dictates stab the national dignity and threaten the country’s stability, which may overthrow the upcoming parliamentary elections.”

Loyalty to Resistance bloc pointed out that it shares the Lebanese their concerns over the local crises and the foreign pressures aimed at blackmailing Lebanon and pushing it to make concessions pertaining its sovereign rights.

The bloc, however, called on the Lebanese to show steadfastness, stressing that it is the least costly choice, expressing sorrow over the involvement of some Lebanese in the campaigns launched to instigate against Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, the bloc reiterated demanding the recusal of the judicial investigator, Tarek Bitar, in light of his involvement in politicizing the probe.

Hezbollah bloc also voiced solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, who are on hunger strike in protest of the Zionist measures, calling on the human rights organizations to denounce the Zionist enemy measures and drop its memberships after it disregarded their decision which condemned the Israeli violations.

Loyalty to Resistance bloc also condemned the Israeli enemy’s measures against the Palestinian locals in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Al-Quds, calling for a wide solidarity campaign with them to protect their properties.


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