Hezbollah offered condolences to Sheikh Al-Zein’s family

Hezbollah issued on Tuesday a statement in which it mourned the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Muslim Scholars Judge Sheikh Ahmed Al-Zein, expressing a deep grief over the cleric’s death after a long jihadi and educational journey.

Hezbollah offered condolences to Sheikh Al-Zein’s family as well as the Umma’s scholars and the mujahidin (fighters) in all the battlefields, hoping Holy God grants mercy to his eminence in His Wide Heaven with the martyrs and the righteous people.

The statement hailed the long jihadi journey of Sheikh Al-Zein, adding his eminence supported the Resistance during the various stages and conditions regardless of any blame.

Hezbollah underscored Sheikh Al-Zein’s efforts in support of the Palestinian cause, people and resistance, highlighting his role in renouncing strife maintaining the Islamic and national unity.

Hezbollah statement stressed that Sheikh Al-Zein’s journey and heavy sacrifices illuminate the path of the unity seekers and the history of the nation.



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