Hezbollah: Iran is Capable of Overcoming Israeli Terrorism

Hezbollah firmly denounced, in a statement issued on Saturday, the sinful terrorist attack which led to the martyrdom of prominent scientist and academician, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, offering deep condolences to his honorable family as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leadership and people.
Hezbollah also asked Holy God to grant the martyr the high rank and lofty position next to his predecessors of martyrs and scientists, especially those who were treacherously martyred by the Zionist and international gangs of murder and terrorism for the sake of preventing the Islamic Republic from obtaining the resources of pride as well as puissance and preserving its scientific advance and political as well as intellectual independence.
“As we strongly stand by the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as its mujahid and sacrificing people in face of the foreign threats and conspiracies as well as the new coalition between the Zionist entity and some regional countries, we do believe that the Islamic Republic is capable, God willing, of encountering all those dangers, unveiling the criminals culprits, and cutting off the hands that reach out to its scientists and officials no matter to whom they belong.
Hezbollah maintained that Iran can further overcome the ‘state’ terrorism represented by the usurping entity in the occupied Palestine and all those who provide the entity’s acts of terror with political protection and international coverage.


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