“Those with Imam Husayn cannot accept submission and humiliation”

During a meeting with a delegation of families of the martyrs of the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah], the Lebanese scholar Ayatollah Afif Nabulsi stated that the blood of the Lebanese spilled in the battle against Takfiri militants was for Lebanon’s unity, security and stability. “This is recognized by the opponents of Hezbollah. If the Islamic Resistance did not sacrifice their blood for Lebanon it would become the scene of infidels and slaughter and sedition and Lebanon would be turned in a place of desolation, as has occurred in Syria and Iraq,” His Eminence stated. He pointed out that the Lebanese people have passed many difficult circumstances and have come together as they have endured these trials. They do not want their land to be violated or conquered. He pointed out that the illegitimate Zionist entity (Israel) wants “every inch of our land.” The Lebanese people have given their lives in sacrifice and martyrdom to protect their country against the Zionists. Recently the Takfiri terrorist group ISIL has arrived in Lebanon and these brutal terrorists have not paid attention to the will of the Lebanese people. “We refuse to live in submission and humiliation or have our women turned into slaves,” Ayatollah Nablusi stated. He stressed that “those who are with Imam Husayn cannot accept submission and humiliation. Therefore all the sacrifices of the Islamic Resistance were on the path of honour because we believe in human dignity. We cannot allow captives to be taken by the Takfiris. We believe in the unity of our country and we do not want to see our country torn apart and divided.” “Those who are fighting on the path of Imam Husayn are those who are defending their homeland and are keen to protect the integrity and dignity of all its citizens in the face of the corrupt and evil-doers,” Ayatollah Nablusi concluded.

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