Liberation Day is one of the eternal days of Holy God: Sheikh Qassem

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that Liberation Day is one of the eternal days of Holy God and a historical turning point in the course of our region, adding it moved us from the phase of frustration and disgrace to that of glory, resistance and victory.

Sheikh Qassem maintained that Resistance and Liberation Day has overthrown the “invincible army” claim and sustained the Lebanese golden formula, people-army-resistance, adding events have proved that betting on the US-sponsored settlements is fruitless.

“Resistance and Liberation Day has embarked on the era of victories over ‘Israel’ and ISIL and ingrained the values of confrontation and steadfastness in the minds of the new generations.”

Sheikh Qassem stressed that the need for the resistance has not ended, adding that protecting the national rights and natural resources requires its weaponry.

Hezbollah Deputy Chief attributed the victory to the martyrs’ blood, the injured and the fighters as well as their families, confirming that a large number of men have pledged to pursue the martyrdom path.

Sheikh Qassem finally stressed that the Resistance is keen on constructing the state in Lebanon, restoring justice among the citizens, and establishing a productive economic system.

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