Bassil Warns Christian and Muslim leader against protecting Corrupts

Head of Free Patriotic Movement Bassil in Lebanon warned Sunday the Christian and Muslim leader against protecting the corrupts, citing a chance to deactivate their sectarian coverage.

Bassil considered that several parties must bear the financial losses, mentioning the thieves, corrupts, greedy beneficiaries, banks and their owners and contributors, the central bank and the state’s policies and officials.

FPM Chief said that it is not only the Central Bank to blame for the losses, seeing as parliament and government are responsible for allowing it to carry on with its mistakes without carrying out the necessary rectification.

Bassil expressed keenness at protecting the banking sector as it abides by the governmental regulations, rejecting imposing any “arbitrary policies on the banks with the aim of taming and subjugating them.

Bassil also called on the government to boost the approval of the economic plan in order to be able to impose the national interests and conditions in the negotiations with the international institutions, including the International Monetary Fund.


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