Hezbollah Bloc Discusses with PM Rescuing Lebanese Locked in Corona-hit Countries

The two members of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc, Amin Sherri and Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, visited Thursday the prime minister Hassan Diab, discussing with him the crisis of the Lebanese locked in the corona-hit country.

Hezbollah parliamentary delegation discussed with PM Diab the steps required to return them to Lebanon amid the medical and security dangers caused by the coronavirus.

PM Diab highlighted the formation of a ministerial committee that follows up this file, adding that he ordered the Lebanese embassies and consulates abroad to help the expatriates and students return safely to Lebanon.

The delegation also discussed with the premier the crisis of the overcrowded jails amid the coronavirus outbreak, tackling the amnesty law.

In this regard, PM Diab told the delegation that the justice ministry is preparing two draft laws which stipulate releasing the inmates who either still have less than one year in prison or have spent their terms without paying their fines.


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