Hezbollah’s Plan to Combat Coronavirus: A New Battle to Win

Hezbollah has been working on a huge plan to combat coronavirus deadly pandemic in Lebanon, Head of the party’s Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine announced on Wednesday.

In an interview with Al-Manar’s Hadith Sa’a, Sayyed Safeiddine said that more than 24,000 Hezbollah-affiliated people who work in the health sector contribute to this plan.

“24,500 people (doctors, nurses and aid workers) work to implement Hezbollah’s anti-coronavirus plan,” the Hezbollah senior official told Al-Manar’s Imad Marmal.

“Our plan is compatible with the plan prepared by the Lebanese Health Ministry to combat coronavirus. It doesn’t contradict with it. All our measures correspond with that of the ministry.”

“We put the worst scenarios in our plan,” he said adding that the Resistance movement has prepared all possible capabilities to combat the contagious virus which has so far infected 333 people in Lebanon.

“We witness now what is called the social resistance, and the entire Lebanese society is meant to contribute to the battle against coronavirus,” his eminence said, voicing confidence that such battle will triumph.

Sayyed Safeiddine said that a number of hospitals have been rented by Hezbollah and prepared to be used when necessary. He added that the Resistance movement has also prepared 32 medical centers across the Lebanese territories as part of the efforts to combat coronavirus.

“The aid workers of the Islamic Resistance have started to work on manufacturing local-made respirators that Lebanon would need in the coming stage.”

As part of the plan, 100 ambulances have been on stand by to take part in evacuation of patients, Sayyed Safeidddine said, adding that 25 ambulances are equipped with respirators.

“Our teams include members who were well trained in catastrophe management, Sayyed Safeiddine said, noting that Hezbollah’s experience in wars helps in this regard.

“15,000 Hezbollah-affiliated people took part in anti-corona training sessions,” he said, adding that an “army of volunteers” are readying to take part in the battle against coronavirus.

“We have so far spent 3.5 billion Lebanese pounds in this crisis.”

Sayyed Safeiddine noted, meanwhile, that a committee have been established by Hezbollah to follow up issues related to the Lebanese people abroad in order to meet their needs outside their country.

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