Resistance Bloc: Trump’s Deal Obliges Palestinians to Abandon Rights

Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc held its regular meeting on Thursday headed by MP Mohammad Raad.

During its meeting, the bloc followed up on the efforts made “to draft a realistic ministerial statement.”

“Lebanon endures difficult financial and economic conditions, not to mention faces looming financial deadlines within the coming few months; this is of course the outcome of the borrowing policy and the accumulation of public debt,” a statement issued in the wake of the meeting said.

“Addressing these inherited deadlines requires a kind of national consensus. The fundamental paths in financial, economic, and monetary treatment require a national decision and popular understanding,” the statement added.

Moreover, the bloc affirmed its strong condemnation of the so-called deal of the century. “It is intended to make the Palestinian people unaware in a bid to forget their homeland and cause. (…) This deal will multiply the strength, unity, and will of the Palestinian people.”

Resistance Bloc greeting the Islamic Revolution in Iran on the anniversary of its victory, hailing its sacrifices in defense of the oppressed all over the world.


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