Resistance Movements Will Deactivate “Deal of the Century”: Sheikh Daamoush

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush stressed that the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine will block the effects of the “Deal of the Century”, adding that the unity among the Palestinians will also deactivate all the US schemes against Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and entire Palestine.

Sheikh Dammoush pointed out that some Arab and Gulf regimes are part of the US schemes against the Umma interests, adding that the Arab peoples will no longer bet on them in this conflict.

Sheikh Daamoush emphasized that US is the main source of instability in the region, noting that it has supported ‘Israel’ against the Arab people.

The Deal of the Century is the top of the US schemes which back the Israeli aggression and massacres against the Arabs, according to Sheikh Daamoush.

Hezbollah official also stressed that the consensual Lebanese stances which reject the US ‘deal’ reflect Lebanon will contribute to the deactivation of the scheme.

Lebanon will express this stance during the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers on Saturday, according to Sheikh Daamoush who added that session will expose the betrayal of the Arab regimes.

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