“Deal of the Century” is a grave US-Israeli aggression: Hezbollah MP

The “Deal of the Century” is a grave US-Israeli aggression on the nation and on Palestine, that aims at liquidating the central cause of this nation, Member of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc Hasan Fadlallah.

During a political meeting in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahiyeh) on Wednesday, MP Fadlallah said the plan comes at a time some Arab regimes have started to implement this scheme through normalization attempts and targeting Resistance movements across the region.

The Palestinian people will thwart this deal, thanks to their sacrifices and unity, the Hezbollah MP said, calling on the Muslim nation to stand by Resistance movements in a bid to confront the Israeli enemy.

He noted meanwhile, that Lebanon is also targeted by this scheme through attempts to permanently settle Palestinian refugees, stressing that Lebanese state, people and political powers are meant to confront the plan.

Touching upon local issues in Lebanon, MP Fadlallah slammed some parties’ negativity and acts that hinders the work of the new government.

“Some prefer chaos over any formula that could lead to public order. They refuse to take part in the government as well as to cooperate with. They contribute to the Parliament’s suspension and even hinder the approval of 2020 budget,” MP Fadlallah said referring to some Lebanese parties.

-“Deal of the Century”


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