Israeli infantry troops are unprepared to fight Hezbollah: Israeli Media

The Israeli Media continued highlighting the reports about the army defects which affects its readiness for any upcoming war.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported the Israeli infantry troops are unprepared to fight Hezbollah, adding that the Zionist military expects a high rate of casualties among them in case of any war with Hezbollah.

The Zionist reports added that the enemy’s army expects Hezbollah rocketry attacks on the infantry bases in the northern settlements, which a claim a large number of soldiers.

The reports also cited the deficiency of the medics and ambulances which are supposed to rescue the injured soldiers during the war, adding that even the armored vehicles suffer from lack of maintenance.

The human resources department in the Israeli army revealed that one third of the Zionist youths are exempted from the compulsory service under psychological disorder pretexts, adding that all the military measures to curb this phenomenon were doomed to failure.

-Israeli Media


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