Sheikh Qassem Calls for Facilitating Formation of New Government

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem called for facilitating the mission of the PM-designate Hassan Diab, warning that any attempt to hinder his efforts to form a new government aims at getting Lebanon back to vacuum.

In a local ceremony on Monday, Sheikh Qassem stressed that there is no room for more suspension in the country, indicating that the salvaging step starts by forming a new qualified government capable of going ahead with economic reforms in a bid to solve the economic, social and financial crises risking the country, counter corruption and regain the stolen money.

“The PM-designate is wise and active, as he has a clear vision,” Sheikh Qassem said on Diab, adding that the latter is working on forming the new government as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, he noted that the PM-designate needs some time to accomplish his mission due to the wide contacts he is conducting in a bid to have wide representation on both political and popular level.

On the Lebanese powers who refused to take part in the next government, Sheikh Qassem they are responsible for such refusal, noting that Diab is only responsible to hold consultations with political powers, president and parliament speaker.

“If we have to choose between vacuum and the government we choose the government. And if we have to choose between chaos and solution, we choose solution. And if we have to choose between caretaking government and a (new) government that deals with problems we choose this government.”


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